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Related Images. YouTube Videos. Philip II of Spain. Tabon Caves are the site of one of the oldest human remains found in the Philippines: Tabon Man. The Kris or Kalis , sacred swords used by uncolonized Filipinos, that were wielded as standard weapons. An old oil painting on the inside of a wooden chest, circa , depicting Intramuros , a walled city that was built over the burnt ruins of Bruneian controlled Maynila, center of the Spanish colony.

BusinessWorld is a business newspaper in the Philippines with a nationwide circulation of more than , Founded in as Business Day, it is Southeast Asia's first daily business newspaper. The front page of BusinessWorld on April 13, Founded in , it is often regarded as the Philippines' newspaper of record. It was founded in by Antonio Cabangon Chua, who is also its publisher and the owner of radio network Aliw Broadcasting Corporation. Front page of the newspaper on October 13, It is written and published in Filipino, the national language of the Philippines.

Front page of the newspaper on August 18, Daily Tribune is a daily English-language broadsheet publication in the Philippines. The front page of the Daily Tribune on August 16, The front page of Malaya on June 26, The front page of the Manila Shimbun on March 27, The Manila Times is the oldest extant English-language newspaper in the Philippines. Soriano Avenue, Intramuros, Manila. The Manila Times front page on January 12, Manila Standard is a broadsheet newspaper in the Philippines owned as of by the Romualdez family.

The front page of the United Daily News on May 5, Rappler is an online news website based in the Philippines with a bureau in Jakarta, Indonesia. It started as a Facebook page named MovePH in August and later evolved into a complete website on January 1, Rappler Mood Meter displaying the feedback of an article's readers. Inquirer Libre is a free, bilingual tabloid published in the Philippines. It is published by the Philippine Daily Inquirer and is considered a trimmed-down version of the Philippine Daily Inquirer that is distributed on public transport.

Augusto "Gus" Villanueva, its current editor-in-chief, and Antonio Friginal were founders of the company. Diario de Manila was a Spanish language newspaper published in the Philippines, founded on October 11, , and closed down by official decree on February 19, , after the colonial authorities discovered that its installations were being used to print revolutionary material. Diario de Manilas special supplement covering the expedition to Jolo in Drawing by Baltasar Giraudier.

Published by United Daily Press, Inc. The front page of the United News on July 1, Narrow courtyard between palace's two wings with view toward the Arno. Restored Niobe room represents Roman copies of late Hellenistic art. View of daughter of Niobe bent by terror. View of hallway. The walls were originally covered with tapestries. Visitors observing Michelangelo painting Doni Tondo.

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Uffizi is ranked as the 25th on the most visited art museums in the world , with around 2 million visitors annually. It is rare and valuable in finer grades and has been prized as a gemstone and ornamental stone for thousands of years owing to its unique hue. Cutting and grinding turquoise in Nishapur , Iran, The State Tretyakov Gallery is an art gallery in Moscow, Russia, the foremost depository of Russian fine art in the world.

An Imperial Crown is a crown used for the coronation of emperors. Image: Museum of Anatolian Civilizations He gained worldwide fame for his starring roles as Han Solo in the Star Wars film series and as the title character of Indiana Jones movie series. Ford at the San Diego Comic-Con. He was the last Emperor of India and the first Head of the Commonwealth.

Darlington Town Hall decorated for the coronation, At the time, they were some of the largest wars that had ever taken place. Hannibal's feat in crossing the Alps with war elephants, though many of them did not survive, passed into European legend: detail of a fresco by Jacopo Ripanda , c. Bust of Scipio Africanus from the Villa of the Papyri. View at Salzburg from Hohensalzburg Fortress. Young Austrians at celebrations just after the Anschluss.

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXtalk102: Iba't-Iba man ang GALAW, Iisa kung HUMATAW!

The history of ancient Greek coinage can be divided into four periods, the Archaic, the Classical, the Hellenistic and the Roman. Below: grasp of six oboloi forming one drachma. A Syracusan tetradrachm c. Giovanni Santi , Raphael's father; Christ supported by two angels, c.

Portrait of Guidobaldo da Montefeltro , Duke of Urbino from to , c. Uffizi Gallery. Madonna of the Pinks , c. Today, you will develop a natural tendency towards stubbornness. Unfortunately, you will probably dig in your heels even when you logically understand that doing so is not in your best interest. You need to think clearly and do what your mind suggests instead of acting on your instincts. If you do manage to unbend a little, the situation can be resolved faster and you will be much happier.

The time is absolutely right to revise your diet thoroughly. Be sure to include lots of fruits, veggies, milk and lean protein in your diet as this is necessary for your good health. You will realize that your health is being affected by the wrong type of foods that you insist on eating.

However, implementing these dietary changes is going to be much more difficult than planning them. Not everyone will approve of what you try to do over the coming year but don't let that stop you. Life is short and you have wasted too much time already trying to please other people.

You can't go wrong if you do what feels right in your heart. Someone will request your financial or emotional aid today and being as nice as you are you won't want to deny them. Is giving them more of what they have already wasted a good idea? You may have to be cruel to be kind. Someone in a position of authority is much taken by your recent efforts and may be about to offer you the chance to move up the promotion ladder.

Make sure you know what they expect of you in return. It may be the price is too high. It is all beginning to come together and no doubt you are wondering why you allowed yourself to be so pessimistic about your chances. It won't be long before you are on top of the world again — maybe literally, as travel is well starred this week. Jealousy is never an attractive emotion, so try not to let your negative feelings show. Mistizo man gud siya nga balo, mao ako siyang gisugot kay dugay na baya ko gilawalawaan basin diay ma-birahan pa.

Grabiha ni. Romeo oy, iya man dayon kung girakrakan sa iyang Ako kay makamao sab mosukol, ako sab siyang girapido ug gijudo. Daghan Salamat G arsing. Unsay buot ipasabot niana? Unsay buot ipasabot niana. Unsay buot ipasabot niini Kuya Sonny? Wala ko makaila kung kinsa kadto nga kamot. Unsay meaning niana Kuya Son. Ug imong makab-ot sa pagdali ang mga plano sa kinabuhi. Nagpatatoo Anak: Tay, nagpatatoo na ko! Bi, n0. Ayaw pagbilar ty kuya g. Help me to find texmet na-ibog kanang buotan guy,thoughtful ,single. Here Aplikante : Sir, mo-apply ko pagkasulugoon.

Buntag, udto ug hapon bayr. Frm iligan city. Tnx kuya hogan nimo ang mga iro og hotdog, corn l Hai kuya s0nny gud evening,im sam fr0m talisayan i am l00king. Then n0. Aplikante : Sir, na-usab akong hunahuna. Im l0oking als0. Sa ngalan na daan nga gitawag og balay sa halas, kinaiya gayud kana nila nga diha sila magyampungad. Dili usab ikaw angay mahadolk niana kay dili man kana mangunsa. Apan kung pasakitan, mamaak usab kana. Buot ipasabot, laki nga manok apan morag baye. Ang ubang nagtuo nga laki apan morag baye. Ang tukma niana mao nga kana usa ka laki apan ang color ug klasi sa balahibo daw susama gayud sa baye nga manok.

Ang gawi ug kinaiya, usa gayud ka laki. Dili kana sila sama sa inayan nga mangitlog ug magpa-opa tungod kay dakong laki kana. Gani, bisan tuod gitawag nga binabaye apan mo-opa ug matari kana. KINI nga tanum ang Kantutay sa tagalog og sa bisaya gitawag kini og Baho-baho samtang didto sa gawas sa nasud ilabina sa Amerika gitawag kini og Stink Grass u gang iyang scientific name mao ang Lantana camara Linn. Ang kantutay o Baho-baho nga sagbot adunay Characteristics, pharmacological Effects and constituents sama sa gamut sweet and bitter tasting, refrigerant, antifebrile. Ang dahon minty tasting, cooling natured, antiphlogistic, anti-dermatoses.

Ang bulak sweet tasting, mildly cooling, hemostatic. Ug kini nga tanum gikunsidera usab kini isip adunay antiseptic, antispasmodic, vulnerary, diaphoretic and carminative.

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Ang iyang Influenza, cough, mumps, incessant high fever, malaria, cervical lymph node tuberculosis: mogamit ug 30 to 60 gms dried roots or 60 to gms fresh roots aron maoy gamiton diha sa pagpanambal. Sama sa hilanat magkuha ug panit sa lawas sa maong tanum ug dahon aron maoy himuon isip tea. Sa Hemoptysis, pulmonary tuberculosis mag-gamit sa 6 ngadto sa 9 gramos nga dried flowers dayon himoang tea. Sa Rheumatism - Spread oil on leaves, warm over low flame and apply on affected part. Matud sa mga eksperto, ang aspirin adunay anticancer nga mga epekto.

Namatud-an pud sa daghang patoon nga ang regular nga pagtumar sa aspirin makakunhod sa risgo sa colon polyps ug colorectal cancer. Adunay pagtoon nga napatik sa Journal of the American Medical Association mahitungod paggamit sa aspirin ug colon cancer survival. Bebina T. Dugang ni Dr. Mas-sayon ang observational kay mangolekta man lang og datos, morekord sa mga obserbasyon ug mohukom gikan sa nakolektang datos.

Ato ning dugangan ugma. Gi-research ni Janjan S. Felicilda gikan sa www. Human sa maong engkwentro mihimo gilayon sa pagsibat ang tropa sa NPA padulong ngadto sa amihanang-silangan bahin sa Mindanao. Gipaminaw pag-ayo ni Dr. Sa balay KUNG biyaan ang balay nga walay bantay karong kalagkalag, ikandado ang mga pultahan aron walay kaagi-an ang mga kawatan. Masmaayong butangan ang balay og burglar alarm aron maalerto ang mga silingan, kung dunay mosunod.

Pahibal-on ang kasaligang silingan, kung kanus-a kamo mopauli ug siguruhon nga walay nabiling nagsigang kandila, stove o nag-agas nga gripo ug naka-plug nga appliances. Hipuson ang mahalong butang nga anaa sa gawas sa balay mga sapot sa hayhayan, bisikleta o sakyanan. Magdala sab og panagang sa init ug ulan.

Bantayan og maayo ang kagamitan nga gidala sa sementeryo. Siguruhon nga ang mga nagsigang kandila dili makamugna og aksidente o sunog. Tambagan ang kabataan nga dili maglaag ug magbantay sa mga lugar nga daghan tawo. Kung sila mahimulag, sigurohon nga aduna silay ID o papel nga magpa-ila kanila.

Mintinahon ang kalinis sa palibot. Magdala og kaugalingong basurahan nga hipuson o ilabay pagkahuman. Kung maglamay, siguruhon nga ang palibot luwas gikan sa krimen o aksidente. Ramon Revilla Sr. Nadakpan gilayon ang suspetsado nga si Joemar Cahilig. Sumala pa sa suspetsado nga dugay na silang nagdinumtanay sa biktima.

Si Cahilig ana-a na karon gibalhog sa mabugnaw nga rehas sa prisohan. ILIGAN City——Gihuptan na karon sa ginsakpan sa kapolisan ang suspetsado nga maoy matod pa responsabli sa pagsunog sa bus nga si Alindo Bakani, alyas Mahid Kabugatan, nga residente sa Barangay Upper Hinaplanon samtang ang kauban niini nakabsan sa kinabuhi human nga misukol sa kapolisan diin hangtud karong panahuna wala pa masayre ang pangalan.

Kini nahitabo human sa gipahigayong operasyon sa kapolisan sa maong siyudad. Ang nahitabong pagpusil patay ngadto kang kanhi Bise Mayor Japal Sawab Pangolema, 62 anyos ang panuigon, ug residente sa Barangay Dalian ning siyudad.

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Ang suspetsado na-ila sa pangalan nga si Almasor Hadji Ali, 18 anyos ang panuigon, ug nagpuyo sa susamang dapit. Human sa pagpamusil-patay mihimo gilayon sa pagsibat ang suspetsado nga mga batan-on. Gikumpirmar kini human sa bag-ohay nga concert ni Charice dinhi sa atong nasud sa Pilipinas samtang gihinabi sa mga shobiz reporters. Pero wala gibutayag ni Charice kung asa gikan ang maong salapi nga gitukod sa mansion og wala usab niya gisulti kon pila ang iyang pagpalit niini. Apan adunay mga dagkong pangutan kang Charice kon unsa ka tinuod nga kanunay na siya maganhi-an dinhi sa Pilipinas sanglit ang iyang inahan aduna nay boyfriend dinhi sa Pilipinas apan wala kini gitubag ni Charice og igo nalang nga mikatawa.

Benilde 58 def Univ. Loius University SLU Tomas UST 0. Samtang ang dulang Football-Men semi-finals, mao kini ang nahimong engkuwentro og midaog sa maong dula ang University of the Phil-. Foundation 1 ug ang Univ. Apan kining bag-o naa sa kilid ang iyang usa ka mata. As far as I know, less than 50 examples of an abnormality like this have been recorded. Pagka dili gayud basta-basta nga balita. Lacson Foundation Maritime Univ.

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ARIES Marso Abril 19 Pagbantay sa imong inistoryahan nga dili ka makasulti og bisan unsa ngadto sa uban kay basin kini lainon nila pagsabot. Aron mo-angat ang panginabuhian, isulti kung unsay imong pangandoy. Maayo nga magpa-ubos ka ug isulti ang imong gibati. Sa negosyo, maayo nga ikaw gyud ang mangunay ug ayaw pag-awat awat sa uban. Ayaw pasagdi nga mas daghan ang imong magasto nga kwarta kaysa mosulod. Maayo nga daghan ka og higala kay kini makahatag kanimo og dakong kahigayunan nga mapalambo mo ang imong panginabuhian. LEO Hulyo Agosto 22 Dili maayo nga unahon mo ang pagpakigrelasyon kay kini makahatag lang og dugang problema sa imong kinabuhi.

Kung sa imong tan-aw mahitabo ang laing sayop nga nahitabo na sa nangligad nga panahon, angayan nga likayan mo na kini. Sa dili pa mosulod sa usa ka kasabutan, suta-a una ang detalye. Sa pinansiyal, angayan nga adunay record sa tanang transaksyon. Angayan nga hatagan mo og kahigayunan ang imong partner aron mas tunhay ang inyong pagpanag-uban. Fill in completely every rows, columns and diagonals of each puzzle without repitition of the same digit. I get lost in your eyes And I feel my spirits rise And soar like the wind..